Watercolour Artist


Sonia Jade is a tattoo artist, music lover and whisky drinker. 

Sonia has always had a deep love of art and started her journey at Blackburn College. She later went on to study fine art at Plymouth Art College, and later going on to start an apprenticeship in the same city.

She is best known for her avant-garde tattoo work, using bright colours and watercolour effects to create vivid and imaginative pieces.

Sonia likes to explore many different themes and styles with her artwork, and draws most of her inspiration from nature.




Perry, at 27, is the newest member of the Burn The Witch family.

Perry started off as our shop apprentice and showed all the qualities we look for in an artist, he is now a fully qualified. The self proclaimed king of pop culture specialises in all things colourful and geeky, from Pokemon to Disney. He also has a great interest in old school, and traditional tattooing. Big bold lines and heavy colour for tattoos designed to last a lifetime.

Contact him directly via email @perryburnthewitch@yahoo.com, or fill out a tattoo request form.