Thank you for booking with Burn The Witch, please take a minute to read through our terms, so we can ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible;

- BRING I.D. If we ask for it, it's because we can't take the chance of tattooing someone who is underage. If you don't have it and we ask for it, we will not be able to tattoo you and you will lose your deposit.

- Please turn up ten minutes before you are scheduled to start, this will allow us to fill out the required forms.

- Deposits are non-refundable, you can amend an appointment and carry over your deposit if you follow the step below. Please note we can only move your appointment once, if you need to move it a second time you will forfeit your deposit.

- If you wish to cancel/amend your appointment, you must give at least five working days notice. If you cannot give us this amount of time to re-book, we will have to keep your deposit. 

- Please make sure you have eaten before you come in for your tattoo, and make sure your are not under the effects or feeling the after-effects of drugs or alcohol. If you are, we will not be able to tattoo you and you will forfeit your deposit.

- Feel free to bring a book/i phone/slinky to keep you amused. You can also bring a friend for moral support if you wish. We only ask that you bring one friend upstairs into the studio, we don't have room for Wu Tang Clan's entourage.

That's the serious stuff out of the way, we really look forward to seeing you and making your artwork a reality. :)

Si, Sonia and Hannah